one stop uniform solutions...a unit of Ajit Tailoring House
Quality Wear

The distinguishing feature of our uniforms is our unmatched attention to quality.

The raw material we use are breathable, durable, long-lasting and fit for its uniform purpose. The raw materials are first tested as to whether they meet the specifications before being used for production. Quality for us begins with understanding the requirement e.g. sportswear needs to be elastic and durable even when stretched.

The ready to wear uniforms are then stored in our warehouse in a hygienic environment. From here, individual items are made available as and when ordered.

Fabrics in Use

We use the finest quality fabrics. Several different materials such as superior quality polycotton as well as lycra are used.

Polycotton is a material which combines the strength of polyester cotton with the feel of cotton. Such uniforms are highly durable and retain superior whiteness.

The choice of fabric depends on the end use of the uniform. What is common however is that all uniforms should be manufactured for comfort, durability and visual appeal. This is what is achieved at One Stop Uniform Solutions.

Uniform as Work Wear

School uniforms aside, the work wear at several companies, such as those for airline crew and the hotel & hospitality industries, is also a key part of the respective company brand.

In One Stop Uniform Solutions , we had a durable and comfortable range of uniforms for every personal according to their working criteria. we have all your needs from drill workwear, hi-vis, polos, jumpers and jackets, dustcoats to wet weather gear, One Stop Uniform Solutions can supply what you want.

From times immemorial, uniforms have served as a shorthand, affording instant recognition of what work the person wearing this does, as well as been a symbol of identification, bonding and pride. Today, given the amount of travel or commuting working people do, uniforms must also be comfortable for different climates. Apart from this, being distinctive and trendy is de rigeur.

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